APH Basket Cleaning

APH Basket Cleaning Hydrojetting Services offers manual jet-lancing that was once the standard method of cleaning Air Preheater Baskets in Ahmedabad , Gujarat - India .

Hydrojetting Services offers manual jet-lancing that was once the standard method of cleaning Air Preheater Baskets. Power plants have realized immediate savings not only by maintaining cleaner rotors, but also restoring the optimum efficiency of regenerative air preheater.

The deposits from burning coal must be cleaned from regenerate live air preheater. Buildup causes a loss of efficiency and ability to run at capacity. The deposits can become so hard, thick, and thermally restrictive that the preheater can force the unit into an unscheduled shutdown. Outage time is money lost. Handheld cleaning devices simply do not have the power to quickly and efficiently clean large surface area, deep basket, and air preheater. Pressure alone is not enough, large water volumes at high pressure are the solution.

The powerful Hydrojetting Air Pre-heater Cleaner is designed to operate at 7,000 to 10,000 PSI with flows 56LPM. The system includes twin 150 HP electric driven skid mounted pumping units.

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