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Industrial Cleaning Services Provider

We are not only your vendor but we are your partner for Energy saving

We, at Hydrojetting Services., an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company is part of a well-known Ahmedabad, Gujarat India based. Hydrojetting Services is one of the largest service providers in India, offering a wide variety of Industrial cleaning, and maintenance services from last 10 years.

We are a professionally managed Company having sound financial backup, quick mobility facilities, well experienced and qualified personnel, to render our services and products to the utmost satisfaction of our customers within the stipulated time and at affordable cost.

We have a large fleet of high pressure water blast pumps (up to 15000 psi) (max 150 HP) to cater to various requirements of the industry from time to time. Our trained crew and focussed supervision of the job enables us to meet demanding targets on time and almost every time.

Safety is a top priority for us and we emphasise on training and proper work procedure.

It is the Company’s Endeavour to deploy its resources in a most effective manner to tackle challenging jobs the industry has to offer. The Company strives to employ latest accessories and tools to reduce cleaning down time of equipment.

The Company Objective is to provide reliable industrial services & value added application solutions with the latest possible technology to its customers in a safe manner to effectively reduce the down time of plant equipment.

  • Cleans the Pipe Line or Tube to its fullest capacity.
  • Prevent damage to Property or Equipment due to rust formation.
  • Superior to Rodding.
  • Reduce emergency Drain Problems.
  • Reduce the chance of losing business revenue in a commercial setting.

High-pressure water jetting uses clear water, which is pressed by a very high pressure pump through a nozzle and blasts it onto the work piece. Upon impact of the water jet, dirt or other residues such as lacquers dissolve. Even with soft materials, a work piece-friendly removal is possible. Compared to other processes, no chemical cleaning agents or solvents are used.

The main advantages of high-pressure water jetting are:

  • Environmentally friendly water as a cleaning medium
  • no chemical solvents or cleaning agents necessary
  • can be used for places that are hard to reach and for complex structures
  • gentle on the ground
  • fast, effective and customizable process
  • minimal material removal on the base material
  • use of process water in closed circuit possible
  • no wear of the blasting agent
  • addition of corrosion protection material to prevent rusting

We, at Hydrojetting Services, always try to improve our Productivity, at the same time, we never compromise with safety. Therefore, our all employers follow safety norms. They are also covered under P.F., ESI and Insurance scheme. We request you to register our name as a CLEANING CONTRACTOR and oblige.

The services we offer to industry are broad and the companies we serve are diverse.

We invite you to review the service of your choice. Visit our Client List . 

We look forward to servicing your needs. To contact us directly please call +91-7878522352, +91-9376022352 or Send us Inquiry to


Tube cleaning – Condenser tubes | Heat Exchanger tubes | Evaporator tubes | Chiller Tubes

Surface Preparation – Metal and Concrete | Paint Removal | Lead Paint Removal | Rust Removal

Boiler Cleaning – water wall | supper heater coil | Economizer| Air pre-heaters | Boiler descaling

Coating removal| Weld preparation and mill scale removal | Surface preparation and cleaning                      

Sewer Jetting | Ship Hull Cleaning | Equipment and Tool Cleaning | Bin and Tote Cleaning

Refractory removal | Polymer removal | Furnaces | Decoking | | Boiler recovery bottoms

Concrete Cleaning | Tank Cleaning | Reactor Cleaning | Vessel Cleaning | Cooling Towers cleaning

Hydro Test up to 1000 bar | Chemical cleaning |


From The Team Of GNFC, we tried to found you before 5 years ago for hydrojetting job work . we just want to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job work . we are glad to decided to work with you . we never have any problems at all .
We are delighted to inform you that we are extremely happy with your services. It has been quiet sometime that we have been dealing with you and your work culture and professional ethics represent some of the best business in the industry. We value your sincerity, honesty and promptness in problem solving solutions. We definitely wish to continue this association in the long run.
Mr. Kirit Gajjar
TMD ,Torrent Power Ltd