Power Station

Turbine blade Condenser tube (ferrous and non-ferrous)
ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) HRSG
Fin Fan Boiler tube (internal and external)
Radiator Culvert
HP and LP Heater U-Tube Lube oil cooler
Oil cooler tube Furnace water wall
Water cooler tube Super Heater
Pipe Air Preheater Baskets


Boiler tube cleaning
Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Petrochemical Industries

Heat Exchanger cleaning Pipeline pigging
Vessel and Tank cleaning Air Cooled Condenser cleaning
Polymer removal Flare line cleaning
Dehydrator tube cleaning Furnace decoking
Reactor tube cleaning VCFE (Combined Feed Exchangers)

Refineries Industries

Heat exchangers Online and in-situ cleaning
U tube heat exchangers Reactor tubes
Radiators/Fin Fans Lead decontamination
Air Cooled Condensers VCFE
Pipeline pigging Flare lines

Oil & Gas Industries

Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU/hot oil heater) cleaning Offshore Cleaning of Crude Heater tube cleaning
Compressor – inter cooler and after cooler cleaning Offshore Cleaning of U Tube Hairpin Exchangers
Heat Exchanger tube cleaning Offshore Cleaning of Drill pipes and drill Cases

Water & Sewerage Industries

Specialist cleaning of pipes – concrete, wax, fat etc. Steel RSJ’s and pile intrusions removed from pipes
Collapsed drain liner removal

Food & Beverage Industries

Heat Exchanger tubes Condenser tubes
Ducts Pipes
Vessels and Tanks Evaporator tubes
Clarifiers tubes Boiler tubes

Pharmaceutical Industries

Spray dryers Compressors (intercooler and after cooler)
Cyclones Condensers
Ductwork Filter Press
Mixer vessels and reactors Evaporators
Glass lined vessels Pipe/ Pipe Line
Heat exchangers and chillers

Marine Industries

Scupper lines Submarine pens
Hydraulic lines on submarines Aircraft carrier decks
Submarine prop shafts ready for NDT inspection

Manufacturing & Process Industries

Automotive plants Steel plants
Tobacco industry Paper & Board Mills
Textile & Process Mills Sugar Mill
Laminates Smelting Plants

Paper & Board Mill

Evaporator Boiler
Power Plant

Domestic & Commercial

Building Washing Roof Cleaning
Power Plant Water Tank Cleaning
Floor Cleaning Swimming Pool Cleaning
Window Cleaning Misting Systems