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Surface Cleaning by – High Pressure Water Jet Applications

There are hardly any limits to the possible uses of high-pressure water blasting. It can be used on streets, pavements or on walls for degumming, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, facade renovation, restoration of historic buildings or for road marking, windmill turbine blades cleaning. Also, the rust removal, paint stripping and descaling of workpieces of various kinds is possible.

Further areas of application are tank wagon cleaning, construction machine cleaning, system cleaning and sewer cleaning. Industries that rely on the process include the construction industry, metal industry, the craft trades, municipalities, shipyards, the oil and gas industry, forestry and aviation industry.

Efficient cleaning by high pressure water jets

In many areas, the efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle high-pressure water jet process is used to clean or remove residues. The blasting technique uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning or concrete refurbishment. Surface cleaning of, for example, road surfaces is quick and thorough.

HYDROJETTING SERVICES offers a wide range of high-pressure cleaning.

Concrete restoration and concrete removal with high-pressure water jets

When refurbishing concrete, the high-pressure water jet removes the damaged concrete. The parts can then be re-boarded and concreted. High pressure water is ideally suited for the removal of the concrete. It removes the weathered or destroyed concrete quickly, reliably and gently releases the armoring or the construction steel mat.

Large areas are processed with the high-pressure water jetting in a short time. The exposed steel takes no damage from the water and the entire process of removal is free of oscillation and vibration. Cracks or further damage are not caused by work on the concrete. Compared to other mechanical processes, these are decisive advantages.


High-pressure water jet technology for deburring and paint stripping

High-pressure water jet technology is a very efficient process for deburring and removing paint from components or assemblies. The technique has become established as an alternative to conventional mechanical methods. It ensures a gentle handling of the components and achieves high cleaning performance.

Advantages and requirements of high pressure water jet technology

Compared to other deburring and paint stripping methods, the high-pressure water jet process works very gently for the substrate. It can be individually adapted to material, substrate and lacquer. Even complex or filigree structures do not suffer any damage during paint stripping or deburring. The medium water is environmentally friendly and achieves a good cleaning effect, which can be further increased by the use of hot water. The water jet even reaches places that are difficult to reach and can be positioned very precisely.

The advantages of high pressure technology are:

  • gentle mechanical cleaning for the substrate
  • fast, effective and customizable
  • water as a cleaning medium is very environmentally friendly
  • use of hot water possible
  • water as a comparatively cheap and easily supplied consumable
  • no damage from other geometries

Deburring and paint stripping with water jet technology requires pumps that generate the high working pressure and allow fine adjustment. High-pressure units and tools must be optimally matched and should be easy to operate. 

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