Air Cooled Condenser Cleaning Services

Air Cooled Condenser Cleaning Services


The efficiency of Air Cooled equipment gets affected over a period of time due to deposition of dust, flying Ash, cements particles, coal dust and other foreign matters and for the efficient working of the cooler, they have to be removed on a regular basis as they restrict Air Flow.

The Cleaning Process:-

The process primarily use Biodegradable Foam quick solvent, highly penetrating capacity combine with properly to reduce the surface tension and ensuring consistent quality of foam, this is an important factor in foam cleaning techniques. The Biodegradable chemical the Foam solvents are allowed to soak for a period of time to permit penetration there by reducing the adherence of the scale to the surface later the surface is lanced abundant quality of water at low pressure to flush out the dislodged scale, dusts and mud. This technique is much suitable for cleaning of the ACC fins for where deposits get trapped inaccessible intricate area.


It has proven to be more efficient and faster than the traditional cleaning, normal water jetting cleaning fragile ling fins compacts dirt and debris into the center of the cooling until thus significantly reducing cooling efficiency. On the other hand Foam process cleaning is a low pressure cleaning method which gently soaks away dirt and debris throughout the entire system.

The Salient Feature Of Biodegradable Foam Cleaning System:-

a) It breaks the bond between the fins and debris /dirt b) Foam allows the fins to be 100% soaked condition c) As it is biodegradable disposal of chemical water is not issue d) Very short cleaning time and no damage of Fins as we apply / operating at low pressure. e) Provide great surface contact and hence better cleaning then other conventional process.