Chemical Cleaning



Hydrojetting services Offers a variety of highly effective Chemical Cleaning processes either internally or through contracted services. Request a plant tour and let us show you the various cleaning methods that we have to offer.

Chemical Cleaning is the ideal cleaning method when there is a closed loop system or the condenser shell requires removal prior to cleaning.  Chemical applications are circulated through the boiler and heated to dissolve scale buildup in areas that water and brushes cannot reach.

Our main focus is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger we clean. We have the experience required to review your particular conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every application.

Given the job parameters, we successfully implement Chemical Cleaning, Mechanical Cleaning (brushes, metal/plastic scrapers, abrasive balls) and High Pressure Water Jetting. Proper assessment of the conditions affecting each power plant is crucial in choosing the correct course of action. We work closely with our clients to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution, taking into account tube base metal compositions, base metal conditions, corrosion control, fouling agent, scale composition, cleaning window, safety and environmental concerns.